Nutritious Backpacking Meal Recipes

These tasty and nutritious backpacking meal recipes are healthier, have more calories and cost less than commercial, freeze dried backpacking meals. Keep it simple — there are enough nutritious backpacking meal recipes here to provide sufficient daily variety to keep meals fun and interesting. But there aren't so many recipes that I spend too much time buying ingredients and assembling a large meal inventory.

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The Best Hydration – Drink When Thirsty

Drink When Thirsty debunks the many myths about hydration and dehydration like "If you are thirsty, it's already too late" and "If your urine is yellow, you are dehydrated." This article suggests that Drink When Thirsty is the best and healthiest strategy for hydration during exercise.

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Best Cheap 25 cent Backpacking Gear

The Best Cheap $0.25 Backpacking Gear in my kit are Pint Ziploc Freezer Bags. They are a perfect size and have a ton of uses. I’ve used them to protect my iPhone and other expensive equipment packrafting in Alaska, rafting down the Grand Canyon in winter, trekking in Patagonia and the rain forests of New Zealand. Surprisingly, they are virtually unknown and you won’t find them on grocery store shelves.

Quick ways to reduce backpack weight

Want to shed backpack weight with the minimum of effort? The following are quick ways to reduce backpack weight. A few may surprise you...

Best Backpacking Food – simple and nutritious – veggie and omnivore friendly

NEW June 2016 - Meal Recipes are Posted. See Nutritious Backpacking Meal Recipes here. Quick Links to Backpacking Food Resources on this Site NEW Backpacking Meal Recipes Link to 7 day Food List Best Hydration – Drink When Thirsty  Link to Breakfast Recipes Link to Dinner Recipes Link to Desserts/Hot Drink Recipes Best Backpacking Food - Overview Keep it simple and [...]

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Backpacking Food List – Simple and Nutritious for 7 days

NEW June 2016 - Meal Recipes are Posted. See Nutritious Backpacking Meal Recipes here This list is packed with nutritious backpacking food for a "week long" trip of 7 days 6 nights of dinners and breakfasts 7 days of lunches and daytime snacks That is you don't eat breakfast on the day your go in. And [...]

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Cooking and Lightweight Backpacking Stoves

Most ultralight backpackers take stoves. Just small light ones. When I hike with others, I take a stove and do civilized stuff like make coffee & tea and hot dinners. Sometimes, especially when I solo, I go ultra simple with no-cook food.  

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How much food should I take? The detailed answer

There is no exact answer to this question. In my "The Best Backpacking Food - simple and nutritious", I threw out the best guess of 1.4 to 1.7 lb of food per day. But how but much food you need depends on who you are and what you do. 2015 Note: In the last 15 [...]

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Backcountry Tea – loose leaf, connoisseur style

Most hikers are used to caffeine in the morning. Interrupting that habit makes for grumpy hikers who are not the best trail company. Caffeine pills help, but do not provide the same emotional (some would say spiritual) comfort of wrapping your hands around a cup of soothingly warm liquid. Coffee has the disadvantage of oily, [...]

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