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World’s Newest Long Trail: Cuba’s Ruta de la Revolución

See a Cuba tourists never see. Hike la Ruta de la Revolución trek which follows the historic route of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara that started the Cuban Revolution—from landing in Cuba in a foundering boat to [...]

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A Very Different High Route – Escalante Overland Route

The Escalante Overland Route is arguably the most exciting high route in the lower-48! It is certainly the most beautiful and challenging trip we’ve done. The beauty of its desert canyons and mesas are equal to the best the planet has to offer, Grand Canyon included. Breathtaking...

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Low Carbon AT Section Hike – Shenandoah to Harpers Ferry – No Car Needed

This Guide to the AT Section Hike - Shenandoah to Harpers Ferry, is an installment of our no-car-needed, low carbon AT hiking Guides.  This beautiful section has the infamous roller coaster, along with great vistas like Raven Rock and Sky [...]

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Guide to Colombia’s La Ciudad Perdida Trek (Lost City)

It's like Machu Picchu, but remote and not overrun by tourists. So definitely put La Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City) near the top of your travel list!  La Ciudad Perdida is a vast, ancient city [...]

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Low Carbon Appalachian Trail Section Hike via Train – Harpers Ferry WV to Harrisburg PA

Take the train to the AT—low carbon, low stress. No car, no complicated shuttles. Just great hiking! This AT section hike has it all—an ideal blend of natural beauty, history, small towns, great local parks, and meeting [...]

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10 Pound Backpack to Hike 100 Miles

That's the total weight of everything in my backpack—gear, food, water, and stove fuel to hike 102 miles of the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah National Park in 3 days. No fair weather hiking: with rain, sleet, light snow and hard freezes at night. I think I am very close to dialing in a Light Pack that is also supremely efficient at covering long trail miles.

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Benefits of Early Spring Backpacking

Each year Alison and I look forward to our early spring backpacking trip. Usually a 3-day weekend in early spring, this trip is a key element for the success of our upcoming backpacking trips for the year. We thought others might be interested in the Benefits of Early Spring Backpacking, and possibly to incorporate some version of it into their own backpacking routine.

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Wind River High Route – A Guide

The Wind River High Route is mile for mile, the finest non-technical Alpine route in North America. It stays close to the crest of the Continental Divide in one of the most rugged and glaciated mountain ranges in the lower 48. The route is thrilling and the scenery spectacular. [Revised Jan 2016]

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2.4 Pound Extreme Ultralight Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail

2016 Update: I have redone this with a a new post "Practical Light Gear List Appalachian Trail," which I believe is a far better approach to light on the AT. This new gear list is both [...]

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Utah Canyoneering 2009 – Ultralight Backpacking and Canyoneering

Down to the Canyons of Utah - Another year of the spiritual spaces and beauty of the canyons and mesa. With a focus on photography.

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Packrafting Alaska 2013 – Talkeetna & Susitna Rivers

A 100 mile rafting and backpacking trip from the headwaters of the Talkeetna River to the town of Talkeetna via the Talkeetna and Susitna Rivers. Route: Bush plane drop at the headwaters of the Talkeetna River. Float Talkeetna R to Prairie Creek. Heinous bushwack out of the Talkeetna River and cross the plateau to the Susitna River. Another challenging bushwack down to Gold Creek on the Susitna. Then float the Susitna to the Town of Talkeetna.

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1999 Sierra Trip – Discussion of Weight Savings

Killer Packs - Never again! Good planning (e.g. having a light pack) can make or break a backpacking trip, especially with kids. I found this out the hard way when I took my kids on their first extended trip to the high Sierra. Our experiences sparked my interest in ultralight backpacking

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1999 Sierra Trip – Photos & Narrative

This was a fantastic trip! Even a heavy pack can't spoil the incredible Sierras. Fabulous scenery, rugged routes, solitude, remote campsites, and great fishing. Please look at the photos of this trip as they say a lot more than anything I can write.

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2001 Sierra Trip – Gear and Weight Savings

30 pounds lighter! Colin and I managed to reduce our pack weights by an amazing 30 pounds each. This included cameras, fishing gear and carrying some extra food for my brother and 10-year-old nephew. Our base pack weight was below 10 pounds. My brother and nephew carried very light packs as well.

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