Best Backpacking Quilts

Quilt Camping in Patagonia. Photo courtesy of Hammock Gear

Best Backpacking Quilts 2022

If you want the best possible backpacking sleep system for the best possible price, then you need a camping quilt. Beyond any shadow of doubt, quilts categorically outperform traditional sleeping bags at every juncture, and it’s not even close. In summary, quilts are warmer, lighter, comfier, more versatile, and more affordable than sleeping bags. And contrary to popular misconception, quilts do not leak heat.

Looking for a traditional backpacking sleeping bag? Check out our Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags for Backpacking 2022

Why is Our Backpacking Quilts Guide Better?

1) We Make Sure You Sleep Warm

To make sure you sleep warm, this guide is grounded in an additional layer of product analysis — that is, we have a more accurate comfort temperature rating for quilts. Our proprietary temperature rating system, which is backed up by field testing, uses a multi-variable equation to represent down puffiness volume as a universal base with which to accurately estimate comfort ranges so a +20 F quilt will actually keep you warm at +20 F (sadly not the case for many sleeping bags out there).

2) Best of the Best Backpacking Quilts

The best of the best quilts, the ones in this guide, are designed intelligently, have high warmth-to-weight ratios, and are cost-effective. Many of our high-end, high-performance quilts cost far less than you would expect. And they outperform conventional sleeping bags by every measure — weight, cost, and performance. See our Rating / Specifications Chart to see by how much they beat out sleeping bags.

3) We Have More Price Options| Including Budget Quilts

Not everybody has the big bucks $ for ultra-high performance & not all people need it. To further ease buyers, we break our selection out into price categories: Performance, Value, and Budget. Pick the quilt that meets your needs and your budget! (And for those on the fence between quilts and sleeping bags, we even include final option of some Hybrid Quilts | Hoodless Sleeping Bags)

4) Don’t Forget the Right Sleeping Pad!

Sleep cold?, it might be your pad that’s the problem and not your bag. You will sleep cold if your sleeping pad is not R4.8 or better (and most pads are not close!). This is because the temperature ratings of sleeping bags and quilts assume an R4.8 sleeping pad, the same pad that is used to test the temperature rating of sleeping bags. So don’t forget to check out our  Guide to the Best Sleeping Pads to make sure your pad will keep you warm at night. Good pad + good bag = a warm and happy camper!

Full Video | Best Backpacking Quilts

If a picture is worth 1,000 words what is a comprehensive video on our backpacking quilt picks worth? There’s stuff in here that we can’t begin to cover in words.

Best Performance Quilts, Highest Warmth to Weight Ratio

Warmth to weight ratio is often the most important category for thru-hikers, long distance backpackers, or backpackers that prioritize lightweight yet efficient gear. Quilts inevitably have a higher warmth to weight ratio than sleeping bags, because they use significantly less material in strategic spaces so warmth is not sacrificed while the weight is shaved by half a pound or more.

Rating / Performance Stats for Quilts

Look at our Rating / Specifications Chart so see how these quilts perform against each other for weight, warmth & value. And we even have a few popular and highly regarded sleeping bags in there so you can see how they stack up against the quilts.

Hammock Gear Premium Burrow +20

Top Pick | Best Overall Performance

22.5 oz | $305 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +20 F
Warmth to weight: 5.1 | Warmth to cost: 5.0

Staff Pick | The HG Premium Burrow is just that, absolutely premium — and this year its spec’s just edged out the Enlightened Equipment Enigma 5.1 vs 5.0 for warmth to weight. HG has a strong following among top quilt enthusiasts among both hammock and ground campers, and for good reason. For years the HG Premium Burrow Camping Quilt has been one of the best weight to warmth and cost to warmth products on the market. We have also found the 850 fill, DWR goose down baffling on the HG quilts to control plume drift better than most. We prefer the sewn footbox configuration. If you will be using this quilt primarily for ground sleep systems, you must select the wider 55” shoulder girth option to adequately seal out drafts. Other add-on options include an integrated ground pad attachment system, upgrade to 950, optional down overfill, and a zippered footbox.

VALUE MODEL: Also note the stellar value of the Economy version | Hammock Gear Economy Burrow  of this quilt. It’s just a bit over $200 and uses 800 fill power down with a minor weight penalty of being 1.5 ounces heavier. Nothing else on the market comes close! Both Premium and Economy Burrow models may also be purchased with a zipper footbox, allowing it to be open flat like a blanket for additional ventilation.

BEST FOR: Those looking for a top of the line 20f degree quilt with exceptional warmth to weight and warmth to cost ratings.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Restless sleepers, or those who prefer to stick to a traditional sleeping bag

Enlightened Equipment Enigma 20

Top Pick | Best Overall Performance

22.2 oz | $315 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +21 F
Warmth to weight: 5.0 | Warmth to cost: 4.7

The Enlightened Enigma Quilt has one of the highest warmth to weight ratings for Camping Quilts with a 850 fill duck down. And it’s a smidge lighter than the Hammock Gear Premium Burrow. As such, the Enigma is a perfect blend of Value and Performance. Featuring a unique “U” shape baffle to minimize down migration Enlightened Equipment quilts also offer an optional draft collar upgrade. The regular length version of these quilts (which we used for comparison) are 72”, however, for those who need greater length a “long, 78 inch” version is also available with a minimal .67 ounces added weight. The Enlightened Equipment website also provides a very good sizing chart if you are in doubt about what is best. With a 51” shoulder girth, this quilt does run on the narrow side.

SIMILAR MODEL: See our full review of the Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt. The Revelation has a zippered footbox which allows it to be opened flat like a blanket in warmer weather. Depending upon size, you might be able to squeeze two people under a wide version.

BEST FOR: Those looking for one of the highest performance 20F degree camping quilt.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Restless sleepers, or those who prefer to stick to a traditional sleeping bag. People who prefer DWR treated down.

Zpacks 20F Solo Quilt

18.7 oz | $429 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: 25 F
Warmth to weight: 5.1 | Warmth to cost: 3.0

High warmth to weight. The Zpacks 20 degree solo quilt is a thru-hiker favorite for a reason. Using the lightest possible materials like 7-denier nylon and 900 fill-power goose down, Zpacks delivers a solid sleeping quilt for just over a pound. The 20-degree rating is a solid choice for backpackers who want a sleep system to keep them warm below freezing, without lugging around a bulky bag. The sewn footbox reduces weight and also ensures that your toes will stay warm throughout the night. Furthermore, the quilt comes with one of Zpacks legendary compression sacks – and the listed weight includes this stuff sack. At 60” wide, it also has the highest shoulder girth among all of our premium quilt options — providing more coverage for larger and more restless sleepers.This is an extremely well-constructed and high value quilt. However, the 7D fabric is fragile and demands mindful use.

BEST FOR: Hikers looking for an extremely lightweight quilt that demands great care. The sewn closed footbox also provides extra warmth and lower weight than similar quilts.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Those who cannot take care of delicate gear, hikers who want a fully unzippable footbox

Warbonnet Custom Diamondback Camping Quilt 20F

20.2 oz | $290 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +26 F
Warmth to weight: 4.6 | Warmth to cost: 4.2

The Warbonnet Custom Diamondback Camping Quilt 20F (Sewn Footbox) is a close competitor to Enlightened Equipment and Hammock Gear and worth a hard look. With 850 fill DWR goose down and a 10d nylon shell, it has one of the highest warmth to weight ratios for a reasonably priced quilt. Warbonnet has done some innovative things. They have restricted down movement in the longitudinal baffles, added a draft collar option, and adjustable side Elastics that cinches for maximum coziness. And of course there is a 950 fp down option. This quilt has a narrower fit, with 51” of shoulder girth.

BEST FOR: Customers looking for an affordable, high warmth to weight ratio quilt that is both aesthetic and functional.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: For those looking for the very lightest camping quilt. Restless sleepers, or those who prefer to stick to a traditional sleeping bag

Where are Nunatak & Katabatic Quilts?

We ran the Nunatak and Katabatic quilts through our model, and while they did decently, they were not competitive with our top picks for the “Best Performance Quilts.” In summary, they scored OK for Warmth to Weight but they were still about a point under our top pics. And their high prices and subsequent low Warmth to Cost numbers make them not a great value. That is, you can pick up a better performing quilt for about $100 less. We have added a Nunatak and Katabatic quilt to the end of our Rating / Specifications Chart so you can see for yourself.

Best Backpacking Quilts, Best Camping Quilts

All warm and cozy in an Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt in the High Sierra.

Ultra Performance Quilts | Cost is no Object

When you need the most warmth for the absolute minimum of weight, these are the quilts to go with. BUT you will pay for this performance, and the 7d fabric requires more care than heavier fabrics. As such the non-Ultra, “Best Performance Quilts” are a better value for a slight reduction in Warmth to Weight performance. Bottom line, these Ultra Premium Quilts are for experienced backpackers, and climbers who know what they need and are willing to pay for it.

Custom Enlightened Equipment Enigma 20 950 FP

Staff Pick | Ultra Performance Quilt

18.4 oz | $440 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +22 F
Warmth to weight: 5.9 | Warmth to cost: 3.2

Meet the quilt with the highest warmth to weight ratio of any sleeping bag/quilt in this guide! The Custom Enlightened Equipment Enigma 20 with upgrades to 950 fill power down and 7D shell fabric represents the limits of ultralight camping quilt technology. At a warmth to weight value of 5.9, it exceeds the upper limit of 5 for our scale. When used properly, this quilt will give you true 20F sleeping comfort at just over a pound and with a 51” shoulder girth. When cost is no object, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Note: This quilt is in the guide for two reasons. 1) Using 950 fill power down and 7D shell fabric, it is meant to compare to the “+20 Best Hybrid Quilts – Hoodless Sleeping Bags” which also use these expensive materials. 2) It is an insanely light true +20 comfort temperature sleep option for cold hikers or those venturing into areas where temperatures are expected to be quite cold.

SIMILAR +30 F MODEL: The similar Custom Enlightened Equipment Enigma 30, 900 fill power down & 7D shell fabric has a 5.1 W2W making it the highest rated +30 comfort quilt in this guide — if you are willing to pay the price.

BEST FOR: Those looking for the lightest true 20F degree quilt, and who have the budget to pay for something that is extremely light for the warmth it delivers.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Budget conscious hikers who are unlikely to be in sub +20 F conditions. People who prefer DWR treated down.

Best Camping Quilts, Best Backpacking Quilts

Photo courtesy of Hammock Gear

Best Value Backpacking Quilts | Most Warmth for the Lowest Cost

Most people would prefer to buy a great quilt at a great price, which is why this category is devoted to the highest value options on the market. Here you’ll find the best blend of cost to warmth to weight. Performance-wise, these quilts are equal to or better than the highest performance traditional sleeping bags money can buy, meaning you’ll have a truly excellent product that will last many years.

Hammock Gear Economy Burrow 20F

Top Pick | Best Value Quilt

26.1 oz | $210 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +25 F
Warmth to weight: 3.7 | Warmth to cost: 5.9

Hammock Gear Economy Burrow is hands down the best value in this guide — and by a large margin! In other words, it’s half the cost and half a pound lighter than most comparable high-quality down sleeping bags. With 800 fill DWR duck down, it still has a very high warmth to weight ratio. We prefer the sewn footbox option. As noted in our comments about the Premium version of this quilt, Hammock Gear has a strong following among top quilt users. This version of their burrow top quilt model is a very attractive economical option for anyone looking for high quality quilt from a highly respected American manufacturer at the best price. Compared to their premium option, you’re saving money with slightly heavier and more economical duck down instead of goose down, and a 20d, instead of 10d, shell fabric. But you end up the winner, with an ~$200 sleep system that is lighter than most top quality down sleeping bags. Make sure you purchase the 55” shoulder girth version if you aren’t planning to hammock camp.

SIMILAR MODELS: Hammock Gear Premium Burrow +30F

BEST FOR: Budget conscious quilt users looking for the best value for money in a sub-30F degree quilt and willing to accept slight weight increase vs. a premium quilt.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: For those looking for the very lightest camping quilt. Restless sleepers, or those who prefer to stick to a traditional sleeping bag

Enlightened Equipment Accomplice 2-Person 20F

36.7 oz | $455 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +20 F
Warmth to weight: 6.3* | Warmth to cost: 6.4*
* = spec’s are per/person

On a per-person basis, the Enlightened Equipment Accomplice has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any sleeping bag or quilt in this guide. Weighing in around a pound per person, this quilt doesn’t skimp in coverage either. Two people can sleep comfortably either close together or spaced apart, and not worry about blanket stealing, there’s plenty to go around with the 86” girth. Thanks to shared radiant heat (and with less space to heat up on your own), couples can stay warmer while not sacrificing space and quilt wrap. We’ve listed the stock model here, but users can customize their fill, temperature rating, and face fabric. This quilt has straps to attach to your sleeping pad, but you don’t have to use them all the time. We love the draft prevention mechanism, which closes off the shoulder gap between sleepers. Our test model (+20 version) had a 20-degree rating and kept us perfectly warm on the coldest nights of our test trip, dipping well below freezing. No heavy layers were needed to supplement, we slept toasty warm in only long underwear.

SIMILAR MODELS: +10, +20, +40 models with customization of down fill and fabrics

BEST FOR: Pairs of hikers who want to save weight and share body heat, and know they can sleep comfortably together.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Hikers that can’t share blankets nicely! Hikers who want a fully enclosed mummy bag, or don’t regularly camp with someone they’d like to snuggle.

Best Backpacking Quilts, Camping Quilts in the desert at dawn

Snuggled up for coffee on a cold Utah morning in a cozy and super warm backpacking quilt from Enlightened Equipment

Best Budget Backpacking Quilts: Under $200

This category highlights the most affordable lightweight backpacking quilts on the market, the cheapest options that we’re still proud to recommend. While even cheaper options that market themselves as camping quilts do exist, please don’t be fooled, they are simply blankets and aren’t actually suitable for backpacking.

Paria Outdoor Products 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt

35.0 oz | $180 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +20 F
Warmth to weight: 3.2 | Warmth to cost: 8.2

The Paria Outdoor Products Down Quilt is an excellent option for three season backpacking on a budget. The 20d nylon shell is packed with 22 ounces of 700 fill-power down, and has a cinchable foot box that can be closed or opened depending on the weather. The fit is average, with a 57” shoulder girth. The quilt snaps closed around your body, with one strap that helps it stay connected to your pad to prevent sliding around. It’s also incredibly lofty, so if plush comfort is your priority then this is a great option.

BEST FOR: Backpackers who want a quilt suitable for cold weather with a limited budget and do not mind carrying a bit of extra weight.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Ultralight backpackers or thru-hikers who prioritize warmth to weight ratio.

Featherstone Moondance 25 Degree Down Quilt

23 oz | $190 MSRP
EN/ISO Tested Comfort: + 36 F
Warmth to weight: 2.3 | Warmth to cost: 3.8

The Featherstone Moondance 25 Degree Down Quilt is a fully featured sleep system suitable for three seasons, for under $200. Wow! Though it’s a bit on the heavier side for ultralight products in this temperature range, its low price tag still makes it a great value pick. Furthermore, Featherstone uses 850 fill power down to make the quilt plush and lofty. The 10D nylon shell isn’t the strongest on the market, but it’s typical for ultralight backpacking quilts.

BEST FOR: Backpackers who want a three season quilt for a reasonable price and weight.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Backpackers who want the warmest possible, or lightest possible quilt.

Best Hybrid Quilts | Hoodless Sleeping Bags

For a plethora of reasons, some people prefer fully enclosed sleep systems, and for them, we recommend hybrids. Think of them as fully enclosed quilts. Or as hoodless sleeping bags! Either way, they can deliver the best of both worlds.

Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag 20

Top Pick | Best Hybrid Quilt

17.3 oz | $379 MSRP
ISO tested comfort: n/a | Modeled comfort: +27 F
Warmth to weight: 5.1 | Warmth to cost: 3.1

The Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag 20F has one of the highest warmth to weight ratings in this guide while still remaining a good value. What we really like about the Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag is that it combines the best attributes of a quilt and a sleeping bag. It has the weight of a quilt and can be used unzippered, just like a quilt. But when it gets cold you can zip it up into a draft-free, sleeping bag mode. In normal Zpacks fashion, it uses the lightest material options – 900 fill power down and a lighter 7D nylon shell. Those materials come at a price making them more expensive than most camping quilts, but less expensive than most sleeping bags. Note that this sleeping bag is hoodless. As such, on super cold nights, you’ll need to use it with a warm hat — to our minds, not a big deal, and it has significant advantages for side-sleeping.

Do you sleep warm or need a lighter bag? The Zpacks Classic 30 is also our pick for warm weather or people. The sleeping bag-quilt hybrid model allows for extra venting.

BEST FOR: Those who want one of the very lightest and warmest backcountry sleeping options and who like the flexibility of using it as both a quilt and a sleeping bag!

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Campers that dislike a snug fit (although this has a zipper to solve that in all but very cold conditions) or hikers that abuse their gear (the 7D shell is relatively delicate).

Feathered Friends Tanager 20 CFL

18.6 oz | $399 MSRP
Modeled Comfort: +29 F
Warmth to weight: 4.1 | Warmth to cost: 2.7

The Feathered Friends Tanager 20 CFL (Crazy Freaking Light) has no side opening, making it a simple tube of 950 fill goose down and in fabric. This unique configuration definitely saves weight and prevents draft, so it’s warmth to weight ratio is quite favorable, despite the added fabric weight of it’s very generous 62” shoulder girth. This added width has purpose though, allowing extra room for sleeping in a down jacket, without compression, on very cold nights. Feathered Friends recommends pairing with the Eos Down Jacket for additional warmth. This feature and configuration is what sets this hybrid sleeping bag apart from the pack. The 7D nylon shell fabric is not the most durable, so mindful use is required to prevent small rips and tears.

BEST FOR: Those wanting to really push the weight limits for a 30F sleeping option to near 1 pound, who like the idea of more draft control with the enclosed design. And especially for those who like the “designed to be used with a down jacket” angle.

NOT AS GOOD FOR: Those that can’t deal with a zipperless bag. Those who are hard on their gear. Those on a budget.


Buying your first quilt can be intimidating. For those of us who are perpetually cold, sleeping with less insulating material around you may seem counterproductive. However, as thoroughly explained above, quilts actually have a much higher warmth to weight AND cost to weight ratios than full sleeping bags. Furthermore, quilts allow for a much greater range of motion while sleeping, and different warmth options for different temperatures. To illustrate, a 20 degree quilt typically will keep you comfortable close to that degree rating, while also allowing for more air flow when it’s warm outside.

We get that it can be scary, but you won’t regret your first quilt investment. Most of us here at Adventure Alan primarily use backpacking quilts for all our trips, whether it’s an ultralight summer trip or a winter expedition. This list features our favorites of the year, for whatever you have planned.

Ratings / Performance Table for Backpacking Quilts

* Note that quilt temperature ratings assume the sleeper is wearing a warm hat.


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