Blueridge 2002 (day hike)

Blue Ridge Hike March, 2002

The day’s summit, Hawksbill Mountain, 4,050 ft.
Glorious views on a mild spring day.

One of the smaller and more intimate waterfalls along the way. Not as large as many of the falls on the trip but no less beautiful

My father at our lunch stop. With surroundings like these one can only eat slowly and enjoy the view.

In one 2-mile stretch of canyon there are no less than six waterfalls over 60 feet high. And countless more small small cataracts. More than enough recompense for the steep hiking.

My father stops at a midsize fall on our way up to the crest of the Blue Ridge.

My father at the top of the Blue Ridge, the Shenandoah Valley thousands of feet below.

With so many waterfalls and grand vistas, if you’re not observant you’ll miss smaller beauty right at your feet.

The falls in the descent canyon from the Blue Ridge tend to have more sloping rock. Two years ago the kids and I had a great time on this waterslide. The fallen tree at the bottom makes reentry a bit uncomfortable.

Hard to believe looking at this photo that I took the same hike a week earlier and it was 15 degrees. I camped out on the summit of the blue ridge at 0 degrees!

All fury and motion at the top and a tranquil pool at the bottom.

The people on the rocks give you some idea of scale. Maybe not big by Yosemite standards but large for something less than two hours from Washington, DC.

A closer view of the same spectacular falls.

A pair of falls each over 60 feet high.

Father and son enjoying some afternoon sun on a warm rock.

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