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Buyer’s Guides

Our buyer’s guides shortcut readers directly to the best lightweight and ultralight hiking and backpacking gear within any particular category. We want you to make an informed purchase that saves money, reduces carried weight, and performs optimally in the backcountry. This page shows all of of our buyer’s guides. Dial in the assortment by jumping straight to apparel buyers guides or gear buyers guides.

a man in hiking pants climbs through desert sandstone

Best Hiking Pants 2023

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This buyer's guide to backpacking and hiking pants highlights models optimized for functionality, comfort, and protectiveness.
testing a fastpacking backpack on a trail run

Best Fastpacking Backpack For Multi-Day Trips 2023

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Our recommended multi-day fastpacking backpacks are ultralight, low volume, and offers an extra secure torso fit to prevent gear from bouncing. This buyer's guide covers all of our top picks.
testing backpacking stoves in the desert

Best Backpacking Stove System 2023 Ultralight

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These are the best backpacking stove systems for ultralight style food prep. They are the lightest weight, smallest, and most fuel efficient.
testing windbreaker pants in patagonia

Windbreaker Pants – Best of 2023

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This guide will help you find the best windbreaker pants for hiking, backpacking, trail running, and travel. Comfy. Lightweight. Stretchy.
testing windbreaker jackets at mount rainier national park

Best Windbreaker Jacket 2023 | Lightweight & Ultralight

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This guide will help you find the best lightweight windbreaker jacket for your hiking, climbing, & running. All ultralight under 5 oz.
testing waterproof hiking gloves for rain

Best Hiking Gloves 2023 | Liner, Sun, Rain, Cold, Snow

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We'll help you find the best hiking gloves for any condition or use-case: cold, sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow, we've got your hands covered.
testing backpacking backpacks in the mountains

Best Backpacking Backpack 2023 | Ultralight

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A backpack is the single most important piece of gear that any backpacker will own. As such, there is no reason to settle for a heavy, old-school pack. That’s why this buyer’s guide highlights the very best backpacking backpacks for hiking. Below you will find exceptional and light hiking backpacks for men and women, and for all types of backcountry adventures and budgets.
testing the best backpacking sleeping bags

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag For Backpacking 2023

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Find the best ultralight sleeping bag for backpacking! We've compiled the lightest and warmest backpacking sleeping bags in existence.
a backpacking test of ultralight camp quilts

Best Backpacking Quilt For Ultralight Camping 2023

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The best backpacking quilt for you is right here! We've compiled the warmest, most affordable, ultralight camping quilts of 2023.
testing the best hiking fleece in patagonia

Best Lightweight Fleece Jacket Hiking & Backpacking 2023

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This guide will identify the best lightweight fleece jacket for you. The average fleece on this list is warm and weighs just 7 oz.
testing the best rain pants for hiking in the sub alpine forest

Best Rain Pants For Hiking 2023 Ultralight

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The best rain pants for hiking are ultralight, waterproof, breathable, and hold up on the trail. Stay dry, save weight, and upgrade today!
a hiker testing an ultralight daypack in the mountains

Best Ultralight Daypack & Day Hiking Backpack 2023

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This guide will help you find the best ultralight daypack averaging less than 1 lb. Full size, fully-featured day hiking backpacks can be very lightweight.
testing the best sun shirts to use as hiking shirts in a national park

Best Sun Shirt for Hiking 2023

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The best hiking shirts are all sun shirts! This guide reviews & recommends the best sun hoody, t-shirt, button up, and merino base layer.
testing trekking poles hiking in alaska

Best Trekking Poles 2023 Hiking & Backpacking

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Get the best trekking poles for hiking & backpacking. Our picks are backed by scientific analysis & extensive field experience all over the word!
man packs up a small 2 person tent in front of a mountain backdrop

Best Small 2 Person Tents for Backpacking or Camping

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Here are the best inexpensive 2 Person Tents (some in the $100-$150 range) that are light enough for backpacking, while being comfortable enough for more luxurious car camping outings.
person camped out in the desert resting on a therm-a-rest sleeping pad, one of the best for backpacking

Best Sleeping Pad for Backpacking 2023 | Complete Guide

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In this guide, we showcase the very best sleeping pads on the market, the ones we use the most. We back up these recommendations with a data-based analysis of weight, warmth, & cost as well as extensive field experience in a broad range of conditions. With better sleep comes more spring in your step, more alertness on the trail, and wider smiles all day long. Sweet dreams!
testing lightweight down jackets and pants in patagonia

Best Lightweight Down Jacket & Pants for Backpacking 2023

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The very best ultralight and lightweight down jackets significantly outperform a standard issue puffy sweater, and upgrading will save weight in your pack and keep you warmer in the backcountry.
testing hiking shoes in the mountains of Alaska

Best Hiking Shoes 2023 | Trail Runners

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Looking for the best hiking shoes ? Read our no BS, unbiased guide for the best hiking shoes & backpacking shoes for men and women. Your feet are arguably your most important asset on the trail. Blisters, Achilles tightness, and foot pain can all quickly derail a hiking or backpacking trip. So, finding the right hiking shoes is imperative. We can help!
testing lightweight rain jackets for hiking and backpacking in creek spray

Best Lightweight Rain Jacket 2023

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Find the best lightweight jacket & pants for your needs, your travel, and your budget. No BS! All these lightweight rain jackets have all earned their spot on this list by performing far better than the competition.
Best Backpacking Tent lead photo

Best Backpacking Tent 2023 | Lightweight & Ultralight

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There is an exceptional and LIGHT tent here for every type of backpacker. But you’ll need to choose carefully to get the perfect tent for you at the right price!
testing the best satellite communicator devices in the forest

Best Satellite Communicator | ZOLEO vs inReach 2023

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Buy wisely and be safe! This post has the best Satellite Communicators that will get help when needed and reassure family and loved ones that you are OK when everything is hunky dory. And yes, there are HUGE differences between devices.
Best Backpacking GPS

GAIA GPS the Best Hiking GPS and How to Use It

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Smartphones like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy outperform a conventional GPS in almost every way. This post has all the information you need to use your smartphone as the best backpacking GPS, including getting up to 7+ days of battery life without recharging. Best of all, you can do this for less than $20!
mens hiking pants

Best Men’s Hiking Pants 2021

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Find the best backpacking hiking pants for your needs, your travel, and your budget. No BS! All these men's hiking pants have all earned their spot on this list by performing far better than the competition.
Women's Hiking Pants

Best Women’s Hiking Pants 2021

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Find the best backpacking hiking pants for your needs, your travel, and your budget. No BS! All these women's hiking pants have all earned their spot on this list by performing far better than the competition.

Buyer’s Guides Conclusion

The gear in these buyer’s guides have performed marvelously for us, and we’re confident that it will for you too. We hope you have found what you’re looking for. But if not, drop us a line on social media to request a new buyer’s guide.