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Learn critical backcountry skills for your next hike! This section is dedicated to teaching ultralight backpacking knowledge with actionable advice to help improve your experience on the trail. Learn from three different categories: Gear Technology, Backpacking Food, and Backcountry Skills.

Backcountry Skills

From ultralight techniques and training to photography and layering, our Backcountry Skills Section covers an array of subjects to help you get better at hiking and backpacking.

discussing how to choose zpacks tents

Zpacks Tents – How To Choose

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Learn how to choose the best Zpacks Tent for you needs. We dive deep into specs, features, and materials to help inform your decision.
train for hiking and backpacking quickly and efficiently

How to Train for Hiking & Backpacking Endurance

Learn how to train for hiking and backpacking as efficiently as possible with a 12 week plan based on current exercise science.
GAIA GPS wildfire map | Wildfire Safety | Hiking & Backpacking

7 Tips for Wildfire Safety Hiking & Backpacking

7 Wildfire Safety Tips for Hiking and Backpacking. Be sure you have the proper knowledge, equipment, and navigational resources be safe!
how to cut liner out of running shorts social

How to Cut Liners Out of Running Shorts & Why You Should

Learn how to cut liners out of running shorts and why you should. We give step by step instructions, and fully explain the reasoning.
wildlife photography | chimpanzee nursing in uganda

Wildlife Photography 101 a Beginner’s How To

This post will get you taking great wildlife photos in no time. We give you the 7 basic tips for wildlife photography as well as some pitfalls and beginner mistakes to avoid. And of course, we’ll also advise you on the best photo gear for wildlife pics.
Top Mistakes Using the Layering System – How to Stay Warmer and Drier

Hiking Clothes | Hike Safe and Warm

The right hiking clothes will drastically improve the overall trip experience by making you comfier, faster, and especially safer. As they say, there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

How to Choose Hiking Shoes

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How to choose hiking shoes that work for you just got a lot easier! We'll give you the lowdown on different factors that affect your shoe choice
sleeping bag jail with campers in warm clothes

Sleeping Bag Jail & How to Avoid It

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Avoid having to prematurely get into your sleeping bag to keep warm while backpacking. Checkout our picks for the warmest & lightest camp clothes on the market.

Best Camp Coffee | Backcountry Barista Pour Over Coffee

Our camp coffee is delicious! Try our pour over coffee method to make your next backpacking coffee and be pleasantly surprised!

Gear Technology

Our Gear Technology Section features content designed to help readers understand the latest and most cutting edge tech in outdoor gear design.

testing challenge ultra fabric on a hike

What is Challenge ULTRA Fabric?

This article explains everything you need to know about Challenge ULTRA™, a relatively new-to-market, best-in-class outdoor fabric, and what makes it the highest performing textile for backpacks.
Best Backpacking GPS

GAIA GPS the Best Hiking GPS and How to Use It

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Smartphones like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy outperform a conventional GPS in almost every way. This post has all the information you need to use your smartphone as the best backpacking GPS, including getting up to 7+ days of battery life without recharging. Best of all, you can do this for less than $20!
Hi-Tech hiking shoes

New Hi-Tech Hiking Shoes Could Make You a Lot Faster

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Ever wanted to go faster on the trails? Now you might be able to with the new technology of Hi-Tech Hiking Shoes!
navigating north of arctic circle with gaia gps phone app

Navigating North of the Arctic Circle in Alaska with GAIA GPS

Whether you are a beginning or experienced backpacker or hiker, Adventure Alan is about helping you become a better, more efficient & happier backpacker. To this I bring 50 years experience of backpacking all over the world (20 years ultralight backpacking), professional guiding in extreme places like Alaska.

Best Camera for Hiking or Backpacking 2020

This post takes the BS & mystery out of finding the right camera. A camera that meets YOUR needs & YOUR budget. And you don't need an expensive camera to take superb backpacking photos. Some of the best lightweight backpacking and hiking cameras cost far less than you think. You might already own one!

Rain Jacket Durability 101 – How to Select the Best Durable Rain Jacket

Rain jacket “durability” is a complex topic not well understood by most people. This post debunks some durability myths and clearly lays out what to look for in a durable rain jacket. Finally, we list some of the very best durable rain jackets…

Backpacking Food

Hungry? Tired of the same old energy bars? Our Backpacking Food Section is dedicated to backcountry nutrition, meal planning, diets, cooking, ultralight kitchen equipment, and optimizing your calorie intake. Increase nutrition while decreasing volume and weight.

Freeze dried meals in the backcountry

Best Freeze Dried Meals For Backpacking 2024

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You're researching which are the best freeze dried meals for backpacking, and we've got recommendations! There have been lots of new brands and dietary options popping up in the freeze dried sector over the past decade, and this buyer's guide highlights a few of our favorites.

How much food should I take? The detailed answer

There is no exact answer to this question. In my "The Best Backpacking Food - simple and nutritious", I threw out the best guess of 1.5 lb of food per day. But how but much food you need depends on who you are and what you do. You make Adventure…
low carb backpacking food list

Best Backpacking Food – Healthy & Nutritious

We've completely overhauled our Backpacking Food to the latest research and thinking on the best hiking food & nutrition. So whatever your diet, low carb, keto, omnivore, vegetarian, & vegan we give you the latest knowledge available to create a healthy and nutritious trail diet that will put a spring in your step.
low carb backpacking food

Low Carb Backpacking Food List – 3 Day

Our Low Carb Backpacking Food List is nutritious & has all calories of traditional backpacking food but it’s healthier & 1/2 the weight!
keto backpacking food lead image

Keto Backpacking Food List – 3 Day

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Our Keto Backpacking Food List is nutritious & has all calories of traditional backpacking food but it’s KETO & 1/2 the weight!

Best Camp Coffee | Backcountry Barista Pour Over Coffee

Our camp coffee is delicious! Try our pour over coffee method to make your next backpacking coffee and be pleasantly surprised!
Trail Designs Kojin Ultralight Alcohol Stove

Trail Designs Kojin Ultralight Alcohol Stove Review

Based on extensive field and lab testing, I believe that the Trail Designs Kojin Ultralight Alcohol Stove  is the best alcohol stove system for ultralight backpacking (when paired with a Caldera or TriTi Cone). The new Kojin stove is incredibly…
Drink When Thirsty

The Best Hydration | Drink When Thirsty

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Drink When Thirsty debunks the many myths about hydration and dehydration like "If you are thirsty, it's already too late" and "If your urine is yellow, you are dehydrated." This article suggests that Drink When Thirsty is the best and healthiest strategy for hydration during exercise.

Nutritious Backpacking Meal Recipes

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These tasty and nutritious backpacking meal recipes are healthier, have more calories and cost less than commercial, freeze dried backpacking meals. Keep it simple — there are enough nutritious backpacking meal recipes here to provide sufficient daily variety to keep meals fun and interesting. But there aren't so many recipes that I spend too much time buying ingredients and assembling a large meal inventory.

Trip Guides

From high routes to world famous treks, check out our detailed trip guides and reports spanning multiple continents. From short local trips to adventures around the world, you are guaranteed to discover adventure inspiration.

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking

Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon Trek | Africa’s Best Trek without Kilimanjaro Crowds

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Also called the Mountains of the Moon the Rwenzoris have a dizzying array of spectacular plants, trees, animals, & varied landscapes that make you aware, at all times, that you are in a place like no other on the planet. And of course, you can stand on a glacier at over 5000m (16,000 ft) with world class views of Africa below you.

Huemul Circuit El Chalten Patagonia Guide

The Huemul Circuit El Chalten Patagonia is one of a few ways for mere-mortal for hikers to see the vast Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the 2nd largest non-polar ice field.

Bikepacking GAP Trail & C&O Canal Trail

Bikepacking the GAP Trail and C&O Trail from Pittsburgh to Washington DC is a superb mix of natural beauty, wooded trails, quaint towns, & American history. It’s the perfect introductory trip for those new to bikepacking. But it’s just as suitable and rewarding trip for accomplished riders. Virtually all of the trail is away from traffic on flat, wide, non-technical dirt trails (double track) that do not require great riding skills.
Finger Lakes Gorge

Finger Lakes Gorges Grand Slam Hike

The Finger Lakes Gorges should not be missed. And don’t let their popularity dissuade you from hiking and exploring these gems. Like Yosemite or the slot canyons of Utah, these gorges are held in high regard for a reason so hike them!

Patagonia National Park Trek – Guide to a New World Class Trek

Chile's new Patagonia National Park has it all — the high glaciated peaks of the Andes, wide valleys with ice cold glacial rivers, forests of southern beech hanging with moss, & startlingly green glacial lakes. It may soon be the "Yellowstone of South America"

Cerro Castillo Trek Guide

The Cerro Castillo Trek might be the best trek in Patagonia you’ve never heard of. It rivals drama and beauty of the Torres del Paine W Trek, yet has far less visitors.

2018/19 Torres del Paine W Trek and O Trek – Quick and Easy Guide to Essential Trip Planning

We believe this is the best guide to the Torres del Paine W Trek and Circuit Treks, in-print or online. This guide was inspired by Alison and I finding a scarcity of accurate and up-to-date information anywhere...

Low Carbon AT Section Hike – Shenandoah to Harpers Ferry – No Car Needed

This Guide to the AT Section Hike - Shenandoah to Harpers Ferry, is an installment of our no-car-needed, low carbon AT hiking Guides.  This beautiful section has the infamous roller coaster, along with great vistas like Raven Rock and…

Non-technical Canyon Backpacking in Utah – a how to guide for getting started

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Desert canyons are some of the most stunning places on earth. And contrary to the hype of high adventure and disaster in technical slot canyons, with flash floods & amputating arms—many beautiful canyons are low risk and perfect for backpacking…