Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt Review

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt Review Cover testing in patagonia

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt Review

Highest quality materials in a top performing quilt

Our first sleep system with 1000 fill power down, the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt is unmatched when it comes to materials performance. And weighing only 20.1 oz, it has an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio.

This HMG backpacking quilt is one of four ultralight quilts in a league of their own, far surpassing nearly all other sleep systems when it comes to raw performance. Its peers are the Enlightened Equipment Enigma, Zpacks Solo Quilt, and Hammock Gear Premium Burrow, and all four are roughly equal in terms of warmth-to-weight.

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  • Weight: 20.1 oz
  • Price: $499
  • Down: 1000 fill power RDS goose down with DWR
  • Fill Weight: 14 oz
  • Fabric: 7D micro ripstop nylon with DWR
  • Pros: Ultralight. High warmth-to-weight. 1000 fill power down. Roomy.
  • Cons: Expensive. 1.5 oz heavier than other top quilts. Slightly delicate fabric.


But the sheer quality of the HMG model distinguishes it from the pack. We haven’t had a quilt with 1000 fill power before, and we’re excited to see this as an optimization in a field previously maxed out at 950. However, this road can only take us so far, is it even possible to source higher quality plumes at this point?

We also have a small concern that higher fill power plumage will be more susceptible to damage from crushing and compression, and that its off-the-shelf performance will quickly degrade back down the level of 950 fill power. One thing is for sure though, at $499, you’re definitely paying a premium for all that 1000 fp down.

Down aside, the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree quilt is a optimal minimalist design, and constructed with our preferred 7D ripstop nylon. Like its peers, it has a sewn footbox, vertical baffles running from top to lower leg where it switches to horizontal baffles at the footbox for extra structure. And it’s only features are the neck cinch, clasp, and pad attachment points.

Compared to all three of its primary competitors, this quilt is a bit more expensive for a similar warmth-to-weight. It’s the third heaviest, but only by a very small amount. We suspect this is because it’s a bit roomier, and the extra materials add an ounce or so of weight.


The Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt is a seriously excellent backpacking quilt made the highest possible quality materials, and is one of the four best ultralight quilts money can by. You will love this quilt!

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt gray blue laid out

Testing Hyperlite Mountain 20 Degree Quilt in Patagonia

Our reviewer tested the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree quilt while the trekking the four-day Huemul Circuit in Patagonia in February.


Jaeger is 6′ 185 lbs and tested a size long, which is also slightly broader than the regular and short lengths. It fit him with room to spare, but he was glad to have the larger size. If you’re six foot on up, get the size large. It’s only two ounces heavier. Six feet is likely the cut off; if you’re any shorter, a regular should suffice.


This quilt was more than warm enough, considering temps never got down to freezing. Nights were usually around 40F. At times, the quilt was slightly too warm, a good problem to have. We would be confident sleeping in this quilt at freezing and slightly below. Further testing will help dictate how low it can comfortably go.


The 7D fabric is ultralight and a bit fragile, but held up marvelously on its first trip. No rips or damage whatsoever. After its first compression cycles during air travel and backpacking, it does seem a bit less lofty than it was when new, but that is true of all quilts.


As should be the case, the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree quilt is virtually featureless. The only feature we actually tested was the neck snap closure, which adequately blocked drafts. We like the idea of neck cinch closure in addition the snap to fully block drafts, but have yet to need it. The sleeping pad attachment points are notable, but weren’t used or needed. There are also hang loops.


Like all top tier quilts this one is warm, cozy, and comfortable. The fabric is nice and soft against the skin and has a pleasant hand feel.


It comes with a cotton storage bag with HMG branding. Great for keeping the pack uncompressed at home. It does not come with a dry bag, but as it’s quite lofty and to avoid over-compression, we would recommend storing it in a 25L dry bag on the trail.


Literally none whatsoever. We couldn’t find a single functional problem with this quilt, other than the fact that it’s quite expensive.

hyperlite mountain gear 20 degree quilt cinched down detail close up

Testers Verdict On Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt

This is a seriously high end quilt that performed marvelously on its first trip into the mountains. It kept me warm and cozy while saving weight in my pack. There were no snags or unpredictable failures. There were no problems at all.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20 Degree Quilt joins the fray of top tier ultralight quilts, and this model is well worth considering. It compares comparably to models from Enlightened Equipment, Zpacks, and Hammock Gear, and we recommend it strongly.

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HMG 20 Degree Quilt on a yellow sleeping pad in the grass