Outdoor Vitals Stormloft 15 top quilt

Outdoor Vitals Stormloft Quilt Review

Choose the Outdoor Vitals Stormloft 15 Topquilt because it is the best value under $350, and a legit excellent ultralight quilt for backpacking with nice features. Shop now.

  • Weight: 23 oz
  • Price: $330
  • Down: 800 fill power RDS duck down with DWR
  • Fill Weight: 16.2 oz
  • Down Volume: 12960in³ | Down Vol/Total Weight: 563 in³/oz
  • Fabric: 10D Toray ripstop nylon
  • Pros: Ultralight. High warmth-to-weight. Very affordable, relative to quality. Draft collar. Comes with dry bag.
  • Cons: Heavy end of ultralight. Duck down slightly inferior to goose.

Features & Construction

Part of what makes this quilt such a steal of a deal is the ingenious use of duck down instead of goose down. And its really comes down to it, 800 fill power is still 800 fill power, no matter the bird. That being said, duck down plumage is thought to have a slightly shorter lifespan (in terms of loft degradation), and is smelly when wet. But we think that’s a very generous trade off for such great cost savings.

The chassis of this quilt is similar to most others in the ultralight space – vertical torso baffles transitioning to horizontal footbox baffles. However, there are two notable differences OV has widened the shoulder girth for extra drape to prevent drafts. Furthermore, they’ve added a boxed baffle draft collar to further reduce heat leakage. And like all others, it also has a top cinch for max warmth.

Despite the use of “topquilt” this is very much a design intended for ground sleepers, first and foremost. Lastly, we nod to the 10d ripstop nylon fabric, which lands right in the sweetspot. UL enthusiasts may prefer 7D, but this is a happy medium for most folks.

Outdoor Vitals Stormloft Review Verdict

The Outdoor Vitals Stormloft Topquilt is a killer value for a mid-tier ultralight quilt that smokes any sleeping bag and is only topped by the best of the best. Dang though, what a great price-to-performance ratio.