RailRiders X-Treme Adventure Pants

Rail-Rider X-Treme Adventure Pants

MSRP: $110.00 *Best Bomber Trail Pants*
Weight: 15.5 oz w self-belt M’s Small x 30L (our measurement)
Fabric/Durability/UPF: 2 ply, 3 oz nylon / extremely durable / none
Pockets: seven; two zippered cargo pockets; two zippered back pockets; two hand pockets; one zippered security pocket
SIZING: These pants run fairly large, so either size down or plan to wear a belt and have a bit of extra room with your true size.
BEST USE: hiking, backpacking, winter travel, bushwacking

We’ve used these pants all over the world. They are very similar to the Bushwacker Weather Pants but have an adjustable ankle with elastic and velcro for even more technical adaptability. RailRiders pants are durable work horses that will last forever. Their 2 ply 3 oz nylon shell is strong enough to stand up to bushwacking with risk of snags or tears. The material is reinforced at the knees, backside, and inside the ankle area. These are common wear and tear spots, so the extra strength in these areas is crucial. Also, you won’t find many pants with five zippered pockets. This is enough to securely store a phone, wallet, keys, and some snacks.

AVAILABLE SIZES: S – XXL waist; 30-35” inseam

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