Zpacks Goose Down Hoody

Zpacks Goose Down Jacket Review

The highest warmth-to-weight ratio down jacket

Currently uncontested in a landslide warmth-to-weight sweep of the competition, Zpacks Goose Down Jacket (shop now) is simply much warmer and much lighter than virtually every other sweater weight down jacket. And it’s not even close.

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  • Price: $399
  • Weight: 6.8 oz
  • Fabric: 7D Ventum Ripstop Nylon
  • Fill Power: 950 | Fill Weight: 3.4 oz
  • Percent Down Weight: 50%
  • Uncompressed Down Volume: 3230 in3
  • Down Volume/Jacket Weight: 475 in3/oz
  • Pros: Ultralight. Highest warmth-to-weight ratio. High total warmth.
  • Cons: Fabric is slightly delicate.

testing the zpacks goose down jacket for review

Features & Construction

Measuring the unisex size medium, Zpacks Goose Down weighs 6.8 oz, and is filled with 3.4 oz of 950 fill power hydrophobic (you guessed it) goose down, RDS-certified. That means 50% of this garment’s entire weight is from down plumes, a ratio that is simply unequaled!

Zpacks has designed this down jacket with a basic feature set, including hood/hem adjustability, a zippered interior chest pocket which converts to stuff sack pillow, and non-zippered hand pockets, which are comfier, lighter, and more user friendly than the zipper alternative. That said, they aren’t super deep or secure, so don’t use the for valuable storage.

close up on pockets

The fit is really nice, and this jacket has a longer than average length, falling all the way down to mid-butt. The sleeve are plenty long too for our ganglier friends.

We find the Ventum ripstop nylon to perform excellently, and just as well as it does in their line of quilts, sleeping bags, and windbreakers. It’s DWR treated, tough as 7D fabrics go, and plenty breathable. That said, 7D fabrics are ultralight and should be treated with care. This is not an ideal jacket for those who are prone to frequently damaging their gear.

loft and logo

Zpacks Goose Down Jacket Review Verdict

It’s hard to put into words how impressed we are by the 6.8 oz Zpacks Goose Down jacket, and how much better it is than every other down jacket currently being sold. This is the obvious best ultralight insulator and weeks of backcountry testing confirm it is exceptional ultralight gear.

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back side of zpacks goose down hoody


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