Part 1 | Video Review | REI Co-op Flash Air 2 Tent

Overview of the Tent | Key Features and Performance

This Video captures and explains a lot that this written review can’t. See the REI Flash Air 2 Tent in action, and explore its features, strengths and weaknesses. Find out in detail what makes this a great and affordable ultralight tent.

new Part 2 | Video Review | REI Co-op Flash Air 2 Tent

DEEP DIVE | Key things Buyers Need to Know

Part 2 of the Video Review goes into more detail for critical topics to get the best out of the Flash Air 2 Tent. This is esseintal viewing If you are considering buying the tent or already own the tent.

  • Tips and Tricks for Pitching and Use
  • Condensation Management 101 (how to reduce or eliminate it)
  • Why the 2 Person Flash Air is Better than the 1p Flash Air 1