A savings of 30 pounds

  • in 1999 – His pack was 55 pounds
  • in 2001 – His pack was 25 pounds
Sierra trip comparison 1999 and 2001
(Note: this is not a complete list)Note: 1999 trip had 3 people. 2001 trip had 4 people
Food and food storage2001 1999
Food 1.6 lb per person x 6 days9.8Food 2.1 lb per person for 7 days15
(2) Bearikade weekenders 1.8, and (1) expedition 2.2 for 4 people [carbon fiber canisters]1.45(1) Garcia bear can 2.75 lb per person [plastic]2.75
Total per person11.25Total per person17.75
Savings per person6.5
Selected Clothing2001 1999
Marmot PreCip .8, Sirocco Smock .5, (2) nylon ponchos .75 (no rain pants)0.7GoreTex jkts 1.3 & 1.4, (1) SD wp/b jkt 1.2; Gtx pants 1.1, (2) wp rain pants .752.2
(3) Synthetic Puff vests .5, (1) down vest .80.6(3) Fleece jackets (1) Fleece vest2
No camp footwear0Camp footwear (running shoes)1.6
Extra socks (1 pr trail running)0.15Extra socks, (2) hiking, (2) lightweight0.8
Gloves, headwear, silnylon stuff0.3Gloves, headwear, nylon stuff0.6
Total per person1.75Total per person7.2
Savings per person5.5
Packs2001 1999
GoLite Breeze0.9Dana Terraplane & rain cover6.9
GoLite Gust1.2REI frame pack6.5
Wild Things AT (mod’ed)1.8Sierra Designs internal frame pack6.1
Total per person1.3Total per person6.5
Savings per person5.2
Shelter2001 1999
10×10 Silnylon tarp 1.25, 8×10 ID SilTarp .9, stakes .62.752 person REI trail dome for 3 people8
Campmor emergency. blanket .3, (2) ponchos 0.0 (incl in rainwear)0.32 reg. Space blankets for ground sheet1.5
Total per person0.76Total per person3.17
Savings per person2.4
Sleeping2001 1999
Marmot Hydrogen 1.4 and Arroyo 1.8, WM UltraLite 1.7, REI sub-kilo 2.1 [all down bags]1.75(2) 3.5 lb Polarguard bags, (1) 2.6 lb DryLoft down bag3.2
Silnylon stuff sack0.1Pillow stuff sack0.25
foam pad .3, foam pad .4, (2) ridge rest .60.53/4 UltraLite Thermarest with stuff sack1.1
Total per person2.35Total per person4.55
Savings per person2.2
Stove and cooking2001 1999
Snowpeak giga and windscreen0.3MSR stove and XPD cook set2.83
1.9 L titanium pot0.5Pump and 33 oz fuel canister2.2
450 g Primus fuel canister1.322 oz bottle w. fuel1.4
2 ti and 2 plastic cups0.53 large steel cups0.9
Total per person0.65Total per person2.44
Savings per person1.8
Some Misc. Odd and Ends2001 1999
Platypus reservoirs0.2(4) Rigid Nalgenes & MSR Dromedary0.5
Sunscreen 1 oz tube per person0.05Sunscreen 10 bottle & medium tube0.3
First aid kit 5 oz and 3 small 1 oz kits0.13First aid kit 1.9 lb and 3 small 1 oz kits0.7
Photon microlights & LED Lites0.05(3) 4-AA headlamps and (4) extra batt’s0.55
Pocket knife e.g. SA classic0.05(2) SA knives 3 oz; (1) multi tool 7 oz0.3
No pack towel0Pack Towel0.2
Maps 5 oz guidebook pages 1.5 oz0.1Maps/case 12 oz. guidebook pages 3 oz0.3
Total per person0.58Total per person2.85
Savings per person2.3
The Rest  
Additional food for other party members, fishing equipment, cameras, water treatment, repair kits, straps, soap, bug juice, dental stuff, TP, compasses, emergency. Space Blankets, notepaper and pencils, ditty bags, etc., etc.?
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