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Winter Gear Guides

We’ve written these winter gear guides because hiking and backpacking in cold, snowy conditions requires specialized equipment. While plenty of your 3-season kit can easily transition into winter gear, many items will need to be substituted. Most importantly, your shelter, sleep system, and insulative apparel. Check back for new gear guides as we’ll be posting them all throughout fall and winter. Happy hiking!

our favorite down pants for hiking

Best Down Pants For Ultralight Backpacking 2024

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The best down pants have a statistically superior warmth to weight ratio. Browse ultralight down pants and winter warmth all in this guide.
Testing The Best Down Booties for Backpacking

Best Down Booties For Backpacking 2024

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When temps drop to freezing put on a pair of lightweight down booties for backpacking. These models are ultralight, warm, and packable.
0 degree sleeping bag in a tent

Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag For Winter Backpacking 2024

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This data based guide evaluates each 0 degree sleeping bag based on its warmth-to-weight ratio. We focus on lightweight and ultralight winter sleeping bags for backpacking.
Using winter backpacking gear in the cold

Best Winter Backpacking Gear 2023-2024 Staff Picks

This is the lightest, warmest, most protective winter backpacking gear. Check out our staff picks to upgrade your cold-weather gear today.
Testing the best lightweight down parka

Best Lightweight Down Parka For Winter Backpacking 2024

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Enjoy maximum warmth-to-weight ratio when you choose a lightweight down parka for backpacking in winter. These parkas are ultralight and packable!
testing an ultralight 0 degree quilt for winter

Best 0 Degree Quilt For Winter Backpacking 2024

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An ultralight 0 degree quilt is the best way to stay warm in sub-freezing temps, and offers the highest warmth to weight ratio.
Testing the Best Winter Sleeping Pad For Backpacking

Best Winter Sleeping Pad For Backpacking 2024

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A winter sleeping pad for backpacking should have an extremely high R-Value to weight ratio. The warmest and most lightweight mat is best.
testing a lightweight 4 season tent during fall

Best Lightweight 4 Season Tent For Backpacking 2024

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For backpacking in windy, stormy, and snowy conditions, you need a lightweight 4 season tent. These light and ultralight shelters are best.
testing cold weather hiking clothes

Best Cold Weather Hiking Clothes At REI

As folks gear up for fall and winter, we combed the digital shelves at REI to pick out the coziest, lightest weight, high performance cold weather hiking clothes, in stock now.