Best Ultralight Accessories at Garage Grown Gear

Our Staff Picks For The Best Ultralight Accessories at GGG

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There’s no doubt about it, Garage Grown Gear has the best ultralight accessories anywhere on the internet. This article highlights many of our favorites, spanning gadgets, alpha direct tops, footwear, hygiene, hydration & nutrition, and gear storage. GGG has it all and this is only the tip of the ice berg. Learn more about them in our Garage Grown Gear Brand Spotlight.

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Ultralight Accessories: Gadgets

Backpacking is the ultimate gadget lover’s pursuit, and Garage Grown Gear has ultralight versions of everything. Ditch that Rambo dagger for a 0.3 oz folding knife and cut your power bank weight in half with the 5.3 oz NiteCore NB10000 Gen 2. The average headlamp weighs about 3 oz, but the NU25 400 Lumen Rechargeable is only 1.5 oz. Temperature monitoring can be a great way to better understand how your body reacts to cold and what to pack for future trips, which justifies this half ounce Zipper-Pull Thermometer. Perhaps you have a pile of mostly-empty fuel canisters stacking up at home? Why not combine them with the Flip Fuel Transfer Device. Waste zero fuel and easily recycle the empties. If you need ultralight accessories, GGG is the place to get them.

The best Ultralight Accessories

Alpha Direct Tops

Have you tried an Alpha Direct hoodie yet? This incredible fleece is the lightest weight, most breathable, and has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any mid-layer fabric on the market. Garage Grown Gear is the only marketplace that aggregates multiple brands into one Alpha Direct shopping experience. It’s time to upgrade your fleece! Learn more about this miracle garment in our guide to the best Alpha Direct Hoodie.

the best Ultralight Accessories on a sleeping pad

Ultralight Accessories: Footwear

No matter the season nor the conditions, Garage Grown Gear stocks ultralight footwear accessories to make your camp experience more pleasant. Nothing beats slipping into a pair of GooseFeet Gear Down Socks + Waterproof Overbooties on a cold night, or .8oz ultralight FarPointe Alpha Direct Socks on a cool night. For those ultralight backpackers eschewing sandals, we beg you to reconsider. How about a six oz pair of fully-featured Shamma Sandals Warriors, or 1.8 oz for a pair of super ultralight Mayfly Imago. Tired feet after a long day of hiking? Smash on those arche muscles with a Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball.

Ultralight Accessories: Hygiene

First aid and hygiene is critically important on the backcountry, but it needn’t be heavy! We’re sure you’ve heard of Kula Cloth by now, and GGG stocks a myriad of fun prints. Need to cover up a blister, tape a hot spot, or secure a bandage? Use Leukotape! It’s as sticky as duct tape, and as breathable as athletic tape. How about a lighter weight and more sustainable toothpaste alternative in UnPaste Tooth Tabs. Ditch that clunky orange plastic Coghlan’s Trowel for .5 oz aluminum alloy BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel for easy cat hole digging. Be prepared to remove splinters and ticks with Sliver Gripper Tweezers.

Garage Grown Gear Ultralight Accessories

Ultralight Hydration & Nutrition

Nalgene water bottles are too heavy and drinking-tube based reservoirs are clunky, failure-prone, and most don’t fit filters. Instead, we recommend the filter-compatible 2.8 oz Cnoc Vecto 2L Reservoir and 2.1 oz Cnoc Vesica 1L soft bottle. Either can fit a Sawyer Squeeze, and Vecto also comes in a 42mm head version which fits Katadyn BeFree filters.

Still eating Mountain House? It’s time to move on to something more nutritious and delicious. Garage Grown Gear stocks the best assortment of  gourmet freeze dried meals anywhere on the internet. How about vegan, organic dinners from Farm to Summit, an LGBTQ-owned business utilizing compostable packaging. Get extra fancy in Bushka’s Kitchen or enjoy world flavors from Nomad Nutrition.

Garage Grown Gear Ultralight Accessories

Ultralight Gear Storage

Garage Grown Gear has all of the best ultralight accessories for storage, including the full suite of Chicken Tramper brand wallets, shoulder-strap mounted water bottle sleeves and phone pouches. Need top-of-the-line DCF dry bags or DCF fanny packs? They’ve got those too! Whatever you’re looking to store in or on your backpack, GGG has you covered.

Conclusion To The Best Ultralight Accessories at GGG

Thank you for reading our guide to the best ultralight accessories at Garage Grown Gear, where we hope you found some exciting new kit. We love shopping GGG and discovering new brands. Learn more about this incredible retailer in our Garage Grown Gear Spotlight.