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Adventure Alan Is Now Adventure Alan & Co

Beginning today, May 7, 2023, the Adventure Alan brand will henceforth be known as Adventure Alan & Co. All of our content will still be hosted here at This article explains everything you need to know about the evolution taking place.

1. Now Adventure Alan & Co, Still

First and foremost, we have a new a brand name – Adventure Alan & Co. This is effective immediately, and alludes to the fact that Alan is no longer our only writer and gear reviewer. All of our content will still be hosted right here at

2. Alan Dixon Has Stepped Back, is Still Gear Editor

Secondly, our founder Alan Dixon (AKA Adventure Alan) has stepped back from website management. This choice allows Alan to spend more time actually hiking and less time posting about it. We wish him the happiest of trails on this new leg of his journey! Alan will claim the new title of Gear Editor. He will still be featured on the website, write reviews, share knowledge, and make sure the gear lists are fully optimized. Learn more about Alan on his bio page.

3. New Owner, Managing Editor is Jaeger Shaw

Third, is now owned and operated by Alan’s friend, colleague, and hiking partner, Jaeger Shaw. Jaeger (pronounced Jay-ger) has over a decade of Outdoor Industry experience, a decade of ultralight backpacking experience, and has already been writing content with Adventure Alan since 2016. From website to social media, Jaeger will manage the day-to-day of Adventure Alan & Co. Read more about Jaeger on his bio page.

4. Ultralight is Still Our North Star

Fourth, while Alan is no longer involved in website operations, his mission and vision will continue to be our north star. Adventure Alan & Co will preach the gospel of ultralight backpacking farther and wider than ever before, and help our readers stay up to date on the latest ultralight gear and techniques.

5. New Logo Evokes an Orienteering Compass

Fifth and finally, you will notice our new logo. While still a compass, the refreshed design more clearly evokes orienteering features like declination adjustment. The tagline, Ultralight Since 1999, reminds readers that our gear lists, buyer’s guides, and reviews are grounded in decades of collective ultralight experience. We aren’t just hopping on the ultralight bandwagon. We helped build it.

More Great Content, Happy Hiking!

We have lots of exciting new ultralight gear guides and reviews coming down the trail, so stay tuned for more great content. Happy hiking!

adventure alan & co get ready for a hike

From left to right, Jaeger, Alan, and Alison. In this photo, the crew is getting ready to embark on a five-day backpacking trip in the Wallowa Mountains circa 2018

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