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Highlighting the Internet’s Best Marketplace for Ultralight Gear & Accessories

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Garage Grown Gear, located in Saint Paul MN and founded in 2017, is the world’s best marketplace for Cottage Industry ultralight gear. And we cannot recommend them highly enough! GGG stocks brands you know and love, brands you’ve maybe only heard of, and brands you’re still waiting to discover. Browse a complete range ultralight equipment, including the largest assortment of ultralight accessories anywhere on the internet. See more in our staff pick guide to the best ultralight accessories at GGG.

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What sets Garage Grown Gear Apart?

First and foremost, GGG is run by ultralight backpackers who truly understand their customer. Their mission is to work collaboratively with small brands and cottage industry designers, to tell their story, and give them a platform to showcase their gear. And on this mission, they are very successful. From gourmet freeze dried meals to Alpha Direct fleece apparel, our team has discovered an array of new cottage industry businesses on GGG.

What’s more, we would describe their overall inventory as more innovative than average. When it comes to ultralight gear, it’s the nimble little brands that push design boundaries and make new discoveries. And because that’s GGG’s focus, a higher percentage of the overall stock is likely to be made with new-to-market textiles like Challenge Ultra, and other cutting edge ingredients.

While they do stock a few ultralight favorites manufactured by larger Outdoor Industry brands, GGG is not trying to recreate REI or Backcountry. A quick sweep on their website tells us that an overwhelming majority of the styles are from small businesses, and accessories brands not stocked elsewhere.

Learn more the GGG origin story, and the chance meeting of founders Amy Hatch and Lloyd Vogel.

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What We Love Most From GGG

While their entire assortment is excellent, here’s what we’ve purchased the most of:

Garage Grown Gear Brand Spotlight Conclusion

We’re stoked to recommend Garage Grown Gear, the brands they represent, and assortment they offer. GGG is a unique retailer run by ultralight backpackers and catering to ultralight backpackers. We sincerely hope you take the time to check them out and make a purchase to support to the Cottage Industry.

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