Paka Performance Socks

Paka Performance Socks Review

Currently our #1 preferred sock.

November 2, 2023 – For the ultimate blend of comfort and functionality, pull on a pair of Paka Performance Socks in 3/4 crew height, our editor’s choice award winning model for hiking socks. They have all of the right features, and are made with a dreamy blend of alpaca wool, Tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex that keep your feet comfortable, thermo-regulated, dry, blister-free, and less smelly, all day long. We’re even prepared to say that alpaca wool is superior to merino wool. Shop now.

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  • Price: $24
  • Weight: 1.7 oz
  • Material: 33% Baby Alpaca Fiber, 7% Tencel, 57% Recycled Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Height: 3/4 Crew
  • Fit/Width: Standard
  • Pros: Soft. Quick dry. Great blister prevention. Very odor resistant. Sustainable. Comfy. Compression arch support. Stays up/doesn’t sag. Flat seam. Breathable panels. Light heel & forefoot cushion.
  • Cons: Expensive. Slightly warmer than average for a lightweight sock. Gender-neutral sizing means less customized fit.

Paka Performance Socks

Construction & Features

Truly, what makes this sock exceptional is the blend of materials. The 33% baby alpaca wool makes it extra soft, breathable, just-the-right-amount of warm, and anti-microbial for odor reduction. The 57% recycled nylon adds durability and quick dry. The 7% Tencel adds wicking and additional quick dry. The 3% Spandex adds stretch, rebound, arch compression, and just the right amount of tightness to always stay up.

The Paka Performance Socks are decked out in features, including ribbed compression above the ankle, a reinforced heel and forefoot with terry-loop cushioning, a tightened compression arch, and a ventilation panel over the front of the ankle joint.

For reference, we feel this sock fits somewhere in between Darn Tough (which runs narrow) and Smartwool (which run wide). If you have a narrow foot and prefer a tight fit, these may feel a bit loose to you. Otherwise, they should have a pretty universally good fit. If your feet run cold, you will like this sock. Warmth-wise, it sits somewhere in between a light running sock, and a light hiking sock.

paka performance 3/4 crew socks

Paka Performance Socks Review Verdict

We ran Paka’s alpaca wool socks through a gauntlet of highly rated competitors, and found their softness made our feet happier than any other model after a long day of hiking. The new Paka Performance Socks are the brand’s best offering yet, with all of the right details. They are our current go-to socks, and have G.O.A.T. consideration potential. Buy these socks and we promise you’ll love them!

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