Paka Brand Logo Spotlight

Sustainable lifestyle apparel made with alpaca wool

For those who prefer high-quality, good looking, sustainable, ethically-sourced, lifestyle apparel, we recommend shopping the Paka brand. All of their clothing is responsibly made with alpaca wool, which is incredible soft, odor-resistant, and thermo-regulating.

Keep reading to learn more about the Paka brand story and how they’re raising the bar for responsible businesses. We also feature a sampling of our favorite Paka apparel, including our Editors Choice Award wining Paka Performance Socks.

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Paka Sustainability & Ethical Business Practices

Perhaps our favorite thing about the Paka brand is that they are an exceptionally sustainable and ethical business. Based on our experience, they go above and beyond in every possible way to limit harm to the planet and behave responsibly. Here’s what we’ve observed:

  • Ample use of bio-based materials such as alpaca wool, Tencel, bamboo, and organic cotton
  • Limited use of petroleum based materials, what little there is was recycled
  • Compostable packaging
  • Certified B Corp, awarded Best for the World 2021 & 2022
  • 1% of all sales are donated to provide scholarships to University for young women in Peru.
  • 1% of all sales goes towards improving the livelihoods of the farmers in Peru and regenerative alpaca practices.
  • Fair trade employment with weavers in Peru whose hand signature you will find on most products
  • Vetted member of The Good Ocean by SeaLegacy
Paka Performance Socks

Paka Brand Story

Founder Kris Cody traveled to Peru for backpacking in 2015, where he learned about alpaca fiber. This inspired him to start the Paka brand, with a goal of creating innovative all-purpose outdoor apparel in a sustainable and ethical way. He wanted to give back to the world, and the community in Peru.

The Mamani family of weavers helped to handmake a prototype of Paka’s first design, The Hoodie. It was so popular on Kickstarter that they hit their funding goal by 17X.

Today, the Paka brand offers a range of sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured apparel, most of which we would describe as “performance lifestyle wear.” They even have a puffy jacket, made with alpaca insulation called PAKAFILL.

There is no doubt that they are raising the bar for what it means to be a responsible business, and we thank them for it. Paka is growing rapidly as more people discover and align with the brand, and we can’t wait to see what they release next! But just in case they’re reading, what we’d like to see most are a UPF sun hoody, the alpaca wool version of an Alpha Direct Hoody, long-inseam-length men’s boxer briefs, thermal base layers, and an attempt at sustainable rain gear.

Testing for Paka Alpaca Hoodie Review

Our Favorite Paka Apparel


15.6 oz | $165

Wow, just wow, the PAKACLOUD Fleece is next level soft. What’s more, it’s warmer, more breathable, and far more sustainable than traditional petroleum-based microfleece. This is a killer all-purpose mid-layer with the performance chops to cross over into non-technical backcountry-use. Immediately upon trying it on, PAKACLOUD stole the number one slot in our daily fleece-wear lineup. Dang this pullover is awesome! Shop now.

Paka Performance Socks

1.7 | $24

For the ultimate blend of comfort and functionality, pull on a pair of Paka Performance 3/4 Crew socks, our editor’s choice award winning model for hiking socks. They have all of the right features, and are made with a dreamy blend of alpaca wool, Tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex that keep your feet comfortable, thermo-regulated, dry, blister-free, and less smelly, all day long. We’re even prepared to say that alpaca wool is superior to merino.


Paka Hoodie

17.5 oz | $149

We nod to the Paka Hoodie for taking sustainable athleisure apparel to the next level without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics, or much in the way of performance. When it comes to natural insulation, breathability, quick dry, and bacteria/odor resistance, nothing beats alpaca fiber. This hoodie is perfect for the eco-conscious traveler who requires a warm and versatile garment for everyday adventure use. Shop now.

Paka Everyday Baselayer

7.0 oz | $75

Made with a blend of 20% royal alpaca fiber and 80% Tencel, the Paka Everyday Baselayer is an all natural shirt offering a performance alternative to petroleum based nylons and polyesters. It is comfy, soft, and breathable thanks to the alpaca wool, and excels at moisture wicking, thanks to the properties of Tencel. This base layer is versatile and we recommend it strongly to the sustainably-minded adventurer.  Shop now.

Paka Everyday Joggers

Paka Everyday Joggers

18.2 oz | $145

We’ve been wearing the Paka Everyday Joggers around town and around the house, and find them to be warm, comfy, and flattering. The entirely bio-based, earth friendly fabric blend is comprised of 50% organic Pima cotton, 32% Tencel, and 18% Royal Alpaca. They’re mid-to-heavy-weight, and better suited to fall and winter than summer.  Each pair of joggers is signed by the weaver who made it, and features an elegant Peruvian flourish on the rear zipper pocket. The fit is trim, but they have decent give, so you should be able to wear your normal size. If in between sizes, go up a size, rather than down.

Paka Breath Hoodie

14.3 oz | $139

The Breath Hoodie is a great example of athleisure apparel made with 100% earth-friendly bio-based fabrics. The outer is comprised of 85% royal alpaca and 15% bamboo with a 100% organic Pima Cotton interior lining. This double knit is warm and cozy, but also moisture wicking and breathable. It’s perfect as an all-purpose non-technical hoodie to wear to work, school, around town, and just while hanging out at home. We recommend the basic hoodie version over the zip hoodie, because zippers add unwanted structure and stiffness, which can cause bunching when combined with the longer-than-average drape. Plus, who doesn’t prefer a kangaroo pocket?

close up on hand made signature

Paka Brand Spotlight Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of the Paka Brand. We have bigtime respect for everything they’re doing, and strongly encourage you to check them out for all of your lifestyle apparel needs. Thanks for reading and drop us a line in the comments in you have any questions about Paka products.