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Gear Guides: Tents & Packs

From tents and tarps, to backpacks and fastpacks, this is your one-stop-shop for core ultralight backpacking gear recommendations.

Wearing a fastpacking backpack for running

Best Fastpacking Backpack For Multi-Day Trips 2024

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Our recommended multi-day fastpacking backpacks are ultralight, low volume, and offers an extra secure torso fit to prevent gear from bouncing. This buyer's guide covers all of our top picks.

Best Ultralight Daypack & Day Hiking Backpack 2024

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This guide will help you find the best ultralight daypack averaging less than 1 lb. Full size, fully-featured day hiking backpacks can be very lightweight.
best backpacking backpacks

Best Backpacking Backpack & Ultralight Backpack 2024

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A backpack is the single most important piece of gear that any backpacker will own. As such, there is no reason to settle for a heavy, old-school pack. That’s why this buyer’s guide highlights the very best backpacking backpacks for hiking.
best 3 person tent for backpacking

Best 3 Person Tent For Backpacking Lightweight 2024

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A premium 3 person tent for backpacking will provide adequate space and shelter without excess weight. These 3p tents are best-in-class.
4 person backpacking tent on grass

Best 4 Person Backpacking Tent 2024

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We will help you choose a 4 person backpacking tent optimized for weight, volume, and price. Choose a 4 person tent and bring the family!
testing the best backpacking tent and ultralight tent for buyer's guide

Best Backpacking Tent & Ultralight Tent 2024

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Upgrade your backpacking tent or ultralight tent using this buyer’s guide. Lighter, smarter, comfier shelters for the backcountry.
Best Backpacking Tarp 2024

Best Backpacking Tarp 2024 Ultralight & Lightweight

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This buyer's guide will help you select the best backpacking tarp with reviews based on stats, testing, features, and meta-study.
best 1 person tent for backpacking

Best 1 Person Tent For Backpacking Ultralight 2024

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With an ultralight 1 person tent for backpacking, you will carry less weight, increase comfort, and be more protected from the elements.
man packs up a small 2 person tent in front of a mountain backdrop

Best Small 2 Person Tent for Backpacking & Camping 2024

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Here are the best inexpensive 2 Person Tents (some in the $100-$150 range) that are light enough for backpacking, while being comfortable enough for more luxurious car camping outings.
testing a lightweight 4 season tent during fall

Best Lightweight 4 Season Tent For Backpacking 2024

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For backpacking in windy, stormy, and snowy conditions, you need a lightweight 4 season tent. These light and ultralight shelters are best.
Best Pyramid Tent

Best Pyramid Tent 2024

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An ultralight pyramid tent is larger, lighter, and more wind-worthy than any other shelter. Choose from among the best of the best.