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From gadgets and cookware, to trekking poles and water filters, this is your one-stop-shop for recommended ultralight backpacking accessories.

Hiking Fanny Pack

Best Hiking Fanny Pack 2024

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A top tier hiking fanny pack is very useful and extremely versatile. Keep your valuables safe and essentials on-hand!
Best backpacking stove spread

Best Backpacking Stove Systems 2024 Fast Light Efficient

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These are the fastest boiling, most fuel efficient, most cold and wind resistant backpacking stove systems for basic food prep.
Best Headlamp for backpacking

Best Headlamp For Backpacking & Hiking Ultralight 2024

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We will help you choose the best headlamp for hiking and backpacking, with a focus on ultralight headlamps with high power/weight ratios.

Best Hiking Water Bottle For Ultralight Backpacking 2024

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We will help you choose the most effective hiking water bottle for your ultralight backpacking needs. Hard and soft-sided options.
a water filtration and storage system

Best Water Filtration and Storage System For Backpacking

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The combination of two .6L BeFree's and one 1.5L Smartwater is the most efficient water filtration and storage system for backpacking.
Best backpack Water Bottle Holder hero for hiking shoulder strap attachment

Best Water Bottle Holder For Backpack Shoulder Strap 2024

Attach a water bottle holder to your backpack shoulder strap for on the go hydration while hiking and backpacking.
Smellyproof reusable snack bags for hiking

Best Reusable Snack Bags For Hiking & Backpacking 2024

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Ditch those wasteful Ziplocs and choose a reusable snack bag for hiking and backpacking. These are lightweight, low bulk, and air tight.
testing trekking poles hiking in alaska

Best Trekking Poles 2024 Hiking & Backpacking

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Get the best trekking poles for hiking & backpacking. Our picks are backed by scientific analysis & extensive field experience all over the word!
The Best Field Watch For Hiking next to more gear

Best Field Watch For Hiking 2024

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Choose a field watch for hiking to reliably keep time while reducing digital distraction. These watches are simple, rugged, waterproof, reliable, and self-powered.
best collapsible dog bowl for hiking

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl For Hiking & Backpacking 2024

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Choose a collapsible dog bowl for hiking, backpacking, and travel. These models are ultralight & waterproof. Compare features, pros, & cons.
the best water filters sawyer squeeze vs katadyn befree vs platypus quickdraw

Sawyer Squeeze vs Katadyn BeFree vs Platypus Quickdraw

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For the best ultralight backpacking water filter, here's how to choose between Sawyer Squeeze vs Katadyn BeFree vs Platypus Quickdraw.
best dry bag for backpacking among wet leaves

Best Dry Bag For Backpacking Ultralight 2024

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Store your gear in the best dry bag for backpacking! We focus on lightweight and ultralight dry bags made with Dyneema.
best backpacking battery pack

Best Backpacking Battery Pack Portable Charger 2024

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We'll help you choose the lightest & best backpacking battery pack, power bank, or portable charger with the highest mAh-to-weight ratio.
zoleo vs inreach satellite communicator devices

Zoleo vs inReach Messenger vs Mini 2 Best Satellite Comms 2024

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Choosing between ZOLEO vs inReach Messenger vs Mini 2? We break it down to help you decide on the best satellite communicator.
Best Backpacking Pot ultralight

Best Heat Exchanger Pot For Backpacking Ultralight 2024

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Choose from among the best ultralight backpacking pot and cookware option available. We focus on one liter titanium pots.
Best Backpacking Mug for hiking

Best Backpacking Mug 2024 Ultralight Titanium Cup

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Choose the best backpacking mug from among our recommended ultralight, titanium, single and double wall models. Perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa, and soup mixes.
best backpacking knife

Best Backpacking Knife 2024

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Our criteria for the best backpacking knife is as follows: (1) high quality 2.5-3" blade, (2) useful for food prep, (3) weighs less than 3 oz.
Freeze dried meals in the backcountry

Best Freeze Dried Meals For Backpacking 2024

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You're researching which are the best freeze dried meals for backpacking, and we've got recommendations! There have been lots of new brands and dietary options popping up in the freeze dried sector over the past decade, and this buyer's guide highlights a few of our favorites.
the Best Backpacking Trowel in front of a cat hole

Best Backpacking Trowel & Ultralight Hiking Shovel 2024

We will help you choose the best backpacking trowel or shovel for hiking. It should weigh half an ounce, cut roots, and be comfy to dig with.
Best long handle spoon for backpacking

Best Long Handle Spoon for Backpacking 2024

The best long handle spoon for backpacking weighs half an ounce, has an upwards tilted bowl, and offers exceptional durability.
Best Shoulder Strap Pocket for hiking

Best Shoulder Strap Pocket For Backpacking & Hiking 2024

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We connect you to the best shoulder strap pocket for backpack phone and accessory storage to use while hiking and backpacking
Best Backpacking GPS

GAIA GPS the Best Hiking GPS and How to Use It

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Smartphones like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy outperform a conventional GPS in almost every way. This post has all the information you need to use your smartphone as the best backpacking GPS, including getting up to 7+ days of battery life without recharging. Best of all, you can do this for less than $20!