Patagonia Multi Trail Shorts

Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts Review

Comfortable, Stretchy Trail Running Shorts With Secure Zip Pockets, Perfect For Hiking

We love the wearing the Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts (shop now) because they offer the best blend of stretch, comfort, breathability, and zippered pocket security. This is a great all-purpose pair of shorts that’s particularly good for hiking, but also great for running and athleisure use. For optimal performance, cut out the liner and use your undergarment of choice.

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  • Weight: 4.0 oz (our measurement)
  • Price: $79 M’s | $69 W’s
  • Pockets: 2 zippered hand, 1 snap rear
  • Material: 90% recycled polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Inseam: 8″ M’s | 5″ W’s
  • Built-In Liner: Yes
  • Waist: Elastic band with internal drawstring
  • Average User Review: 4.5 stars
  • Pros: Very stretchy. Very breathable. Sustainable. Zippered pockets. Comfiest.
  • Cons: Not the most durable. No side thigh pockets. Cut out the liner.

Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts Features

To summarize the big picture build, Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts are medium length inseam running shorts with an elastic waistband + drawstring, zippered hand pockets, and built-in mesh liner. It’s a really nice feature set for hikers. The fabric is extra stretchy and movement-friendly thanks to the 10% spandex blend. However, the more spandex, the slower the fabric is to dry, so it’s always a matter of pros and cons.

close up on patagonia multi trails shorts

Starting from the top, Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts have an elastic waistband that is about as standard as they come. It’s wide enough but not particularly wide. The drawstring too is quite average and is mostly static with a light touch of stretch.

Perhaps their best and most useful feature are the zippered hand pockets. There’s two of them, each more than large enough to store a full size phone or a few smaller items. Interestingly, the zipper pulls are loops of cord rather than tabs or plastic bits. They also have a single rear snap-closure pocket, which isn’t the most useful, but there if you want to stash an empty bar wrapper or maybe a pair of gloves.

Side view

Both the men’s and women’s versions of the Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts come with a built-in mesh liner that replaces underwear. The men’s version gets a boxer-brief liner while the women’s has a brief liner. These liners are okay as built-in liners go, they are soft and airy.

What could be better?

We cut the liners out of our shorts, and recommend you do too. By now you should have a preferred pair of active underwear that fits your body best, and that will almost certainly outperform the generic option that happens to be built into the shorts. There’s nothing wrong with these particular liners, we simply dislike all built-in liner underwear.

inside out with liner removed

Another area for improvement is adding side thigh pockets. Often with running shorts, the inseam is too short and the material is too stretchy to accommodate cargo pockets. Either there isn’t room  or they would cause too much bounce and sway to allow for running. Some of the cleverest brands are now adding side thigh pockets immediately behind the main hand pockets. Any trail short is improved by the presence of side thigh pockets, and any short lacking them would be better if they were added.

Patagonia Multi Trails Shorts Review Verdict

Thanks to the zippered hand pocket configuration and extremely stretchy/breathable fabric, the Patagonia Multi Trail Shorts are an exceptional pair of all-purpose outdoor shorts. They are best for hiking and athleisure but still great for running too.

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Patagonia Multi Trail Shorts back side