Coghlan’s Bug-Repellent Ultralight Pants

Coghlan’s Bug-Repellent Ultralight Pants

MSRP: $13.00
Weight: 3 oz
Fabric/Durability/UPF: nylon / wear with care / none
Pockets: none
SIZING: With elastic drawstrings at the waist and ankles, we recommend sizing up if you are unsure. However, because this is a unisex be mindful that women may want to stay true to size/size down, and the opposite is true for men.
BEST USE: backpacking, hiking

These pants are a great addition to a backpacking trip, where bugs will fly at the campsite. They weigh only 3 oz, and can easily be stuffed into any compartment of your pack. However, they’re not necessarily durable, so we recommend only using them at camp or when you’re on well-blazed trails. The mesh construction is tight and fine enough to protect from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and whatever else you may be sharing a campsite with.


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