Testing for Glacier Gloves Islamorada Fingerless Sun Gloves Review

Glacier Gloves Islamorada Fingerless Sun Gloves Review

Perfectly fitting, durable, comfortable and dexterous sun gloves

The Glacier Glove Islamorada Fingerless Sun Gloves (shop now) are dexterous, stretchy, breathable, quick drying, and durable thanks to the reinforced partial-coverage synthetic leather palms. This simple yet effective pair of fingerless UPF 50+ sun gloves are perfect for use in harsh sun with heavy UV Exposure, especially at high altitude. It is technically a fishing glove, but we prefer it to similar and more expensive sun hiking gloves from traditional outdoor brands.

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  • Pros: UPF 50, lightweight, well-fitting, dexterous, comfy, cool looking water prints, palm doesn’t bunch, full wrist coverage
  • Cons: Does not protect fingertips, warmer than bear hands

Glacier Gloves Islamorada Gloves palms up

We love the extended wrist coverage, which closes off gaps and helps to prevent incidental burns. The fingerless nature of these gloves means you do need to apply sunscreen to your fingertips, but it is a worthwhile exchange for all-day dexterity. The fishing colorways in particular are cool and attention grabbing, and your reviewer has gotten lots of compliments.

For a go-to piece of hand protection kit, choose the Glacier Glove Islamorada Fingerless Sun Glove!

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