reviewing nortiv8 trail running shoes

Nortiv8 Trail Running Shoes Review

Value and functionality in a sub-$100 pair of trail runners

The Nortiv8 Trail Running Shoes are entry-level, affordable, and built for mixed dirt and road use. While nothing special in terms of performance, these kicks were surprisingly functional for the sub-$100 price, and powered us through miles of park trail. Shop now.

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  • Price: $79
  • Width: Average
  • Overall Fit: True to size
  • Pros: Very Affordable. Comfortable. Cushioned. Pleasantly padded heel cup.
  • Cons: Stats not provided. Quick lace system creates potential pressure points and tripping hazard. Heavy. Modest traction.



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Nortiv8 trail running shoes side by side

Construction, Features, Fit

Beginning top down, the Nortiv8 trail running shoes are constructed with a “TPU yarn and knitted upper”. This material is solidly breathable, but also somewhat plastic-y looking. A ripstop grid significantly increases durability and lifespan. There is no tongue, but rather, a continuous elastic knit collar that is comfortable on the midfoot and ankle and doesn’t seem to bunch up ever.

close up on mesh fabric

Rather than laces, Nortiv8 designed a “Quick Lacing System,” in BOA-style, which is pulled and cinched closed, rather than tied off with a knot. A clip at the end secures excess cord to the farthest lace. While it is quick and easy to use, those with lower volume feet will find they have to cinch the cord tight in a manner that leads to excess cord floating above the laces with the potential to snag on roots, branches, or your own feet. The end result is a minor tripping hazard that can be mostly resolved by simply tucking excess cord underneath taut cord.

close up on quick lace system

What’s more, the lace cord itself is very narrow, much narrower than average, which means that, when tightened, has potential to create uncomfortable pressure bands. A traditional lace system would likely be a better solution for this shoe. End result though is still functional.

Nortiv8 trail running shoe heel cup

One aspect we enjoyed was the padded heel cup, which held our foot in place nicely. The midsole, which Nortiv8’s website confuses with the outsole, is nicely cushioned and shock absorbent. However, it is not what tuned-in runners would call responsive, bouncy, or high-energy return.

detail of tread outsole

Traction is acceptable for use on dirt trails, but we wouldn’t take it for use in the backcountry or on serious/difficult terrain. Lug depth isn’t listed, but we’d estimate 3mm with a fairly aggressive rubber tread.

We would describe the fit of this shoe as true to size in terms of length and width. No need to size up or down on this one.



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heel view of nortiv8 trail running shoes

Nortiv8 Trail Running Shoes Review Verdict

Choose Nortiv8 Trail Running Shoes for a basic, entry-level, budget, park running sneaker, ideal for use on light-duty trails. These cost half as much as top tier models, and the quality-to-value ratio is favorable. Their basic functionality will have you hitting the dirt in no time.



Compare to more great options in our guide to the best trail running shoes for hiking.

side view of nortiv8 trail running shoe